Tailor made

Chemistry to fit your needs.


Our R & D department, with its well-equipped laboratory and highly educated engineers, is an important department within GOVI. We continuously focus both on improving our existing products and on product innovation, always keeping product safety in mind.

We can solve your problems

For the development of new products, we work closely together with our customers, so that we understand the existing problems within their industrial processes.

With our pilot installation in the lab we can acquire the necessary knowledge to upscale production processes and to set up all quality parameters. In many cases, our R&D department supports the startup of a product in the industrial process at the customers’ place. We have made it our business to provide a solution for our customer’s problems.

Knowledge is our power

Cross fertilization through the diversity of processes and applications where we are active in, facilitates the development of innovative engineered chemicals and even often opens new markets for us.
Our focus on oleochemicals allows us to develop all products derived from fatty acids. And our thorough knowledge of wax- and other polymer emulsions, makes it possible to characterize all kinds of oils, waxes, polymers and emulsions and dispersions. For exceptional investigations in the colloid chemistry, we maintain excellent contacts with various universities and research centers, all over the world.

Our continuous dedication to innovation, to creating new and improved products, places us exactly where you need us to be: right at your side, with a solution that perfectly fits your needs.



We combine know-how and an infrastructure which includes a wide array of technologies:

  • Atmospheric and pressure emulsification depending on the melting point of the material to be emulsified
  • Emulsification of both low- and highly viscous materials
  • Dispersing and reduction of the size of solid materials into a liquid matrix using high-shear mixing and milling techniques
  • Devices with different shear intensities enabling tight control of the particle size distribution, even down to the nanometer range
  • Oleochemical reactors for the production of fatty acid esters, liquid- and solid soaps


Govi is collaborating with various partners and academic institutions in order to develop new products and solutions in various fields.

One of these projects is GREENER.

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