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the chemistry


Trust, transparency and humanity. We are an employer who secures your future.

GOVI is a leading supplier in the (inter)national chemical industry. We provide other sectors with the necessary chemical solutions efficiently. Fast, professional and direct.

You can find us in Ghent, with departments in Drongen and on the Afrikalaan.

We believe and invest in people. A workplace becomes the right environment for a team to function optimally through transparent cooperation and mutual trust. Each employee receives responsibility and autonomy. We don’t just welcome independence; we actively encourage it.

We choose healthy cooperation in the long run above all else. By investing in our employees from day one, we build a

relationship of mutual trust and respect. Even though we are a large company, we are – without a doubt – a people-oriented organisation with a family character.

We listen, we learn, and we share. A company is the sum of its employees, which is why we are a home away from home for everyone in the GOVI family. We work together, we grow together.

At GOVI, you get job security. Not only will you be working in a stable and growing industry, but our company is also financially healthy, with a diverse mix of trustworthy and experienced shareholders. In a rapidly changing world filled with surprises, this is has become invaluable.

GOVI is a leading force in chemics, providing the fuel for other industries. That is why we never take our eyes off modern technologies and new trends within (and around) the world of chemics. Only by anticipating change we can maintain and increase our impact in a volatile world.

Chemistry may be a precise science, but we consciously give our employees the space and responsibility to form and implement their own goals. We actively involve all the players in our team. Trust plays a crucial role here. Time and time again, this method proves that transparent cooperation leads to the best results for both employee and employer.

We believe in people and chemistry,
but mostly in people.

We offer stable jobs with responsibility, transparency and growth opportunities at every level.
What do we give our team members?

The technical stuff:

  • A two-year paid training and growth trajectory
  • Experience bonuses after four and eight years of service
  • Hospitalisation insurance
  • Group insurance
  • Wage bonuses according to CAO90
  • An extra day of seniority per five years of service
  • Holidays according to legal scale

The extra stuff:

  • Extra bicycle allowance (€0.24 per km)
  • Secure bicycle sheds and showers on-site
  • The possibility of bicycle leasing
  • Free coffee, tea and soft drinks
  • Regular pizza lunches
  • Frequent team dinners



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