Discover our range of high-performance wax, polyethylene and silicone emulsions.

Benefits of tailor-made emulsions

GOVI has developed an extensive knowhow in the field of colloidal chemistry and all kinds of emulsions in particular.

Emulsions can be deployed in various applications. They are very versatile thanks to the combination of

  • the benefit of the raw material used;
  • the fact that it is easy to handle at room temperature;
  • the environmental-friendly, water-based technology.

Production process

There are 2 ways to manufacture emulsions:

  1. under high pressure
  2. by blending a polymer or a wax with water. This must take place in specific circumstances and within the necessary formula.

Govi has developed a pilot unit, allowing us to conduct application-specific R&D. The result is an extensive product range to be used for various applications, for which Govi offers encompassing and performing solutions. We still keep a close eye on the final performance in your specific application and the compatibility of the emulsions with all other chemicals.

Types of emulsions

Govi manufactures different types of emulsions, such as wax emulsionspolyethylene emulsionssilicone emulsions and many other tailor-made solutions.

Are you looking for a flexible and customized emulsion that completely suits your needs? Then do not hesitate to contact us. Are emulsions not what you are looking for? We also develop and produce oleochemicalsdispersions and compounds & blends.


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