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Fortal PN 65/C

Fortal PN 65/C FORTAL PN 65/C is a special emulsion produced with selected synthetic raw materials. It is used in many industrial applications and is very useful as release agent during the production of brake linings, brake shoes and clutch linings Industries: Rubber This product is used for:De-moulding agent , Release agent Are you interestedRead More »Fortal PN 65/C


BESTERIS EHS Product code: SD07410 - SD07430 - SD07440Cas number: 91031-48-0BESTERIS EHS is a clear, white to slightly yellowish, liquid ester. This ester can be used as raw material for spin finishes and oiling agent for textile, rubber processing agent, plastic lubricant, paint additive, ink additive, lubricants. Industries: Lubricants Metal Rubber Textile This product isRead More »BESTERIS EHS

Chriscoat 50EF

Chriscoat 50EF Product code: SD602V50 % Calciumstearate dispersion, vegetable stearic acid based Industries: This product is used for:De-moulding agent , Lubricant , Release agent Are you interested in this product? Do not hesitate to contact our specialists. CustomerYesNo Reason of contactPrice quotationMSDSGeneral info