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Paper coating

Fortal PN 40/Z

Fortal PN 40/Z is an emulsion of polyethylene in water used in many industrial applications. It also gives an increase of the abrasion resistance in silicone emulsions.

Formemul 35

Silicone emulsion with excellent wetting, lubricating and demoulding effect on plastics. It can also be used as a hydrophobic and protective coating on the surface of paper or cardboard and provides good lubrication properties to glass, plastics, stainless steel, aluminium, steel, and cast iron. This emulsion is FDA-approved for indirect food contact.

Fortal PN 65/40

FORTAL PN 65/40 is a milky white emulsion based on different modified poly-olefines recommended for the finishing of fabrics, twines and ropes. It is developed to be applied by padding for the finishing of fabrics as well for natural as for synthetic fibres.

Fortal FC

Emulsion of polyethylene in water used as coating for paper-based food packaging


BESTERIS P4MT is a tall oil based surfactant for use in paper defoamer formulations: mineral oil or non-mineral oil based, as an emulsifier. It is also used in coatings : solvent and non-solvent systems as an emulsifier.


BESTERIS P6DO is a surfactant suggested for use in paper defoamer formulations (emulsifier mineral oil or non-mineral oil based), coatings (solvent and non-solvent systems emulsifier) and textile (spin finish lubricant)


BESTERIS P4MO is a surface active agent suggested for use in textile chemicals (emulsifier, lubricant, softener, scouring agent), coatings (emulsifier) and industrial degreasers.