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CHRISCOAT BC-BIO 50 Bio-based wax emulsion for paper barrier coatings Looking to improve water-based coatings in a durable way? Chriscoat BC-BIO 50 is a biowax emulsion that is an eco-friendly alternative to parafin. Plus, combined with binders, it is a great susbtitute for PE packaging, limiting microplastics in the environment. In short, the perfect solutionRead More »CHRISCOAT BC-BIO 50

Coffee soap

Coffee soap Every year, about 45,000 tons of coffee grounds end up in the rubbish bin in Flanders (Belgium). How could we process these grounds so that they are not simply lost? We were contacted to contribute to this circular economy story. The coffee grounds do, in fact, contain oil that may be processed intoRead More »Coffee soap