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BESTERIS P4ML Product code: SD11530Cas number: 9004-81-3BESTERIS P4ML is a surface active agent suggested for use in cosmetic formulations (emulsifier, dispersant), plastics (viscosity modifier), textile chemicals (emulsifier, lubricant) and coatings (emulsifier, pigment dispersant). Industries: Plastics Textile This product is used for:Emulsifier , Lubricant , Surfactant , Viscosity modifier Are you interested in this product? DoRead More »BESTERIS P4ML


BESTERIS P6DT Product code: SD11090 - SD11091Cas number: 61791-01-3BESTERIS P6DT is a tall oil based surfactant. The product is used in paper defoamer formulations: as an emulsifier in mineral oil or in non-mineral based formulations. It is also used in coatings in solvent and non-solvent systems. Industries: Paper and paperboard This product is used for:DefoamingRead More »BESTERIS P6DT


BESTERIS P4DT Product code: SD11080Cas number: 61791-01-3BESTERIS P4DT is used in metals as metal working agent and lubricant. It is used as an emulsifier in water treatment. The product can also be used as a defoamer in paper industry and water treatment. Industries: Lubricants Water treatment This product is used for:Defoaming , Lubricant , MetalRead More »BESTERIS P4DT


BESTERIS P4MO Product code: SD10610Cas number: 9004-96-0BESTERIS P4MO is a surface active agent suggested for use in textile chemicals (emulsifier, lubricant, softener, scouring agent), coatings (emulsifier) and industrial degreasers. Industries: Construction Lubricants Textile This product is used for:De-moulding agent , Emulsifier , Lubricant , Release agent , Softner , Surfactant Are you interested in thisRead More »BESTERIS P4MO