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BESTERIS iBS is a clear light liquid that can be used as a lubricant, metalworking fluid and textile processing aid.


BESTERIS EHDP is a clear, yellow to brownish, liquid ester. This ester can be used in metalworking fluids, washing & cleaning products, polymers, textile treatment products, dyes, lubricants and greases.

Fortal PN 40/Z

Fortal PN 40/Z is an emulsion of polyethylene in water used in many industrial applications. It also gives an increase of the abrasion resistance in silicone emulsions.

Ensilane Synflo T7

ENSILANE SYNFLO T 7 is a totally water soluble full synthetic lubricant, used as well for wool as for wool/nylon blends. ENSILANE SYNFLO T 7 can be used for dry-spun operations where extremely low oil contents are required.